Roy Ritchie

Coach | Nutritionist

Roy Ritchie

Coach | Nutritionist


by | Feb 25, 2019 | Testimonials | 0 comments

After going to the gym and ‘eating healthy’ for a year, I wasn’t seeing anything really happen to my body. I then fell back into bad eating habits very fast due to feeling hungry and making poor food choices. I finally admitted I needed someone else to help and guide me.

After following Roy on Instagram for a while, I noticed his clients had great success and progress, reflecting that he knew what he was doing. The fact you are always straight to the point and very positive is just the kind of person that I need to help me!

I have learnt so much over the last eight weeks; managing my calorie intake to ensure I’m in a calorie deficit to lose fat/weight. I learnt that it’s more of a lifestyle than a diet. If I enjoy the food I put in my mouth, I appreciate it and feel fuller for longer, thus reducing the big bad snacking habit.

I don’t have to cut out any of my favourite foods, I just have to eat them in moderation. I now have a Chinese takeaway monthly rather than weekly and it tastes so much better.

My favourite thing about the plan is that I’ve managed to cut down my cardio work, which is helping the pain in my back and knees. A five-minute warm-up on the rowing machine, 15-minute incline walk and a swim on a Friday is all I do now! Yay!

“This group has really helped me know that it’s not just me who struggles some days to curb my sweet tooth, or with motivation!”

I am so happy with how my body has changed/is changing! I’m over a stone lighter than I was eight weeks ago and a few inches smaller here and there! This group has really helped me know that it’s not just me who struggles some days to curb my sweet tooth, or with motivation!

With my newly acquired knowledge I have been helping a friend lose weight for her wedding. She has also lost over a stone and now needs her dress needs to be taken in seven inches! Roy’s plans exceeded my expectations!


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