Roy Ritchie
Coach | Nutritionist
Roy Ritchie
Coach | Nutritionist


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Flex, Men’s Health, Muscular Development, T Nation,, IFBB Pro YouTube channels, internet forums … You name it, I had spent too long trying to figure it all out.

There is so much information out there with no verification. Misinformation. Secrets. And in the end, a lie repeated often enough will be considered truth.

Clean eating and suffering was the path to enlightenment. “No pain, no gain”, right?

“Wrong.” – Arnold (Commando)

Sure, you still have your “guru’s” of fitness. Your Instafamous celebrities posting pictures of their weekly meal prep of plain, boiled chicken and broccoli. I’d done it. I’m sure you’ve done it. You’re maybe still doing it. If so …


“I’ve been a chubby kid. I’ve been a kind of skinny, verging on alcoholic mess. I’ve been a bro, cutting on a low carb diet and then bulking on far too much “clean” food. And then I was fat. 253lbs fat, after following the misinformation available wherever you look.

How had I spent so long doing everything the Bro World told me to only to end up here? Sure, I was bigger and stronger. But I wasn’t functional or swole like the magazines promised I would be if I ate 5000 calories a day of clean food and supplemented right (let’s not open that can of worms). Why am I not Phil Heath(Pro bodybuilder) after eating the same as he did?!

I started controlling my food intake and following some kind of training program. Next thing you know, I’m down to around 235lbs after a good while. But my calories were getting low and how could I reduce them even further? Or how much cardio will I need to do to get the fat burning again?

Roy was just starting out on his coaching. I reached out to him and asked how he could help me. I’d known him a long time and I’d seen his progress first hand over several years. I like to think of myself as his first real protégé, and likened our initial agreement as being a bit like Arnold and Franco (especially due to our height difference).

Our goals for me:

  • Lose fat
  • Increase strength
  • Enter a powerlifting competition

The first step towards reaching these goals? An increase in calories.



Yup. I wasn’t eating anywhere near enough for someone my size, and with Roy’s guidance I began to increase my food intake and also began creating positive relationships with food and developing good habits. Tracking food, food choices, but also learning how to unshackle myself from the stress of must eat clean. He introduced me to flexible dieting, IIFYM, and then I accidentally found IF works for me as well. All because he gave me the freedom to do what worked for me, and just pointed me in the right direction.

I started at ~1500 calories and weighing 235lbs before Roy.

After 10 months I finished at ~2000 calories and weighed 188lbs.

I did my first powerlifting competition in Inverness, finishing 3rd in my weight category.

My squat, deadlift and bench press improved.

I got compliments about the change in my body composition (primarily from guys though).

And most importantly, I developed positive relationships with food and have learned a lot about nutrition, training and how to filter out the bullshit that almost made me give up.

I put my trust in Roy, and I’ve never looked back.

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