Roy Ritchie
Coach | Nutritionist
Roy Ritchie
Coach | Nutritionist


by | Jul 22, 2019 | Testimonials | 0 comments

I followed Roy on social media for a while and always loved his approach to healthy lifestyle (especially when you could enjoy a beer or 2 in the process). So I decided sign up to Roy’s 8 Weeks to Lean programme and fair to say i was very surprised!

“For someone who tried countless diets and plans, I was expecting a set meal / exercise plan which I followed for 8 weeks and the minute I stopped I would put the weight back on.  But I couldn’t be more wrong.”

Roy’s approach was educating on nutrition and exercise, sharing knowledge and facts that were easy to understand and apply to real life, all while applying these to myself.

I had some challenges along the way unable to work out for a couple of weeks but yet I still managed to achieve results, not only in weight loss, but overall well-being feeling happier with a lot more energy!

I feel really confident to continue with my weight loss journey after 8 weeks with all the knowledge I learned during the programme. I Highly recommend Roy and his approach to fitness and nutrition!

Enjoy life and be fit at the same time!

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