Roy Ritchie
Coach | Nutritionist
Roy Ritchie
Coach | Nutritionist


by | Jul 23, 2019 | Testimonials | 0 comments

In just 5 months i’ve lost just over 14kg.

“I cannot believe how simple it has been!”

Just taking what you’ve been teaching and guiding me to do, going from tracking to non-tracking seamlessly, especially if i’m having to travel for work.

I used to go to all the fat-loss classes while following “healthy eating” advice and got nowhere.  Wondering what I was getting so wrong that nothing seems to be happening how they tell you it should.

If I want to go out for a meal with my partner, then I can in the knowledge of what choices there are and how to adapt.

If i’ve got a busy work week then I know what I can grab on the go no matter where I am.

If i’m pushed for time in my training, then I know what to do and why.

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