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Roy RitchieCoach | NutritionistRoy RitchieCoach | NutritionistI signed up with Roy last year with the intention of staying three months in order to lose weight. Nearly a year later and he's coached me through my first powerlifting competition, something I never...

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Roy RitchieCoach | NutritionistRoy RitchieCoach | NutritionistRoy helped to completely transform not only my body, but also my mindset and knowledge regarding training and nutrition. Working with Roy in preparation for a photoshoot, I went from 87kgs to 75kgs, all...

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How To Enjoy Your Weekend And Still Lose Weight

Roy RitchieCoach | NutritionistRoy RitchieCoach | Nutritionist You’re a normal human being, which means you have a social life. Sometimes that social life involves going out for food and drinks.  Sometimes it means a casual beer–or two, or tres. There are also the...

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12 Tips to Successfully Diet

Roy RitchieCoach | NutritionistRoy RitchieCoach | NutritionistThere are always periods over the year that you may struggle with weight gain. Holidays tend to be the main one, whether it’s taking a trip, or coming off the back of a seasonal holiday such as Christmas....

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Here’s How Dieting For Weight Loss Can Be Easy

Roy RitchieCoach | NutritionistRoy RitchieCoach | NutritionistIf you’ve ever struggled to diet for fat loss because of constant hunger then this may be the perfect article for you. Here’s why. You have made a conscious effort to diet for weight loss but found from day...

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How to fix and create bullet proof hips

Roy RitchieCoach | NutritionistRoy RitchieCoach | NutritionistIn this day and age, we spend a hell of a lot of time in the seated position. At home on the sofa, when were commuting on transport, at some workplaces –if you’re in an office, and in most social places. In...

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