RX2 Fitness Charter of Expectation

As part of the coaching process it is important that both you and I have full awareness of expectations, in order to get you the best results possible.


  • These will be different for each person and will also change with you in time depending on your progress, goals, and lifestyle changes.


    As a client I will communicate with my coach on goal setting and commit to the agreed goals and actions.

    As a coach I will commit to your agreed goals and successes at all times.


    As a client I will trust that my coach has my best interests at heart and that they are using their best judgement as a qualified professional to make decisions.

    As a coach I will trust in my overall ability to help you succeed.


    As a client I will maintain professional requirements toward my goals.

    As a coach I will justify any choice that I make on your behalf.

    Confidentiality & Willingness to Learn:

    As a client I understand that I will be exposed to misleading information from a variety of sources, and will consult with my coach before actioning anything to ensure that I am fully aware of the consequences.

    As a coach I will not share your story, progress, or struggles with anyone unless you have given explicit permission regarding what I am sharing and with whom.

    Punctuality / Education & Empowerment:

    As a client I will be ready 5–10 minutes before a session in order to start my warm-up (In-person), and understand that if I cancel or postpone a session I must inform my coach at least 12 hours prior to the start of the session. For video calls, I will be ready 15–20 minutes before the start of the call.

    As a coach I will not just coach you, but I will also educate you as to why you are doing what you are doing. I will provide you with all the available options and fully explain the consequences of them, so that you can make an informed choice as to your fitness and lifestyle programme.



    As a client I will be honest with my coach about anything I feel will impact my progress or our working relationship.

    As a coach I will make available all information surrounding the decision making process for your training and nutrition programme, as well as lifestyle targets should request it. I will not deceive you or set you unrealistic targets, and will make sure that our mutual expectations are realistic.

    Enthusiasm & Respect:

    As a client I understand that my coach is a competent fitness professional, but is not a miracle worker. I understand that I will have to work hard in order to achieve what I want, and that respectful, enthusiastic, open communication is key to our mutual success.

    As a coach I will remain positive in your ability to reach your goals, and respect your wishes and preferences in all manners of communication between us.

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