How to lose fat, keep it off, without the need for restriction or rebounds

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Are you tired of struggling on another restrictive diet for fat loss?Then you need the RX2 Fundamental 5 Blueprint.

This FREE 5 day fat loss video series is a client-centred experience that permits you to set up your diet, lifestyle, and mindset for effective and lasting results.

In this 5-day video series, I have taken the experience of knowledge of successfully helping hundreds of clients in their fat loss goals and delivering it to you in a simple manner.


When you sign up for the series you are getting…

  • The overlooked method of setting up calories that remove the rigidity of calorie counting that leads to fat loss frustrations.


  • How to shape your own flexible and flavourful day of eating so that you’re not chained to boring and strict food choices.


  • Breaking down the 6 key areas to ensure clear and confident progress so that you’re not dictated by the scales.


  • Goal setting strategies that removes the stress of trying harder while breaking things down in a way to develop your own incredible results.


  • Creating clarity on the “what do I do now?” once you do reach your fat loss goals so that you can transition toward newer goals.

Sign up for the RX2 Fundamental 5 Blueprint 5-day video series so that your next attempt at a fat loss goals results in creating a dramatic change in your physique, mindset, performance, and how it fits into a better lifestyle for you.

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