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You are unique.

Your fitness program should be too…

Start reaching your full potential with online coaching from RX2 Fitness! Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, someone who’s frustrated with your efforts and looking to live life to the fullest, and a competitor looking to take things to the next level, our online coaching will take your efforts beyond what you would expect.  I work one-on-one with each client to develop a comprehensive training and/or nutrition program. This allows me to construct a plan that is tailor made to help you reach your fitness goals.  So, if you’re looking to improve your performance and efforts, you’ve come to the right place!


You don’t need to be a physical specimen in order to get results. You simply need to be willing to work hard, communicate, make a commitment to yourself and your goals, and stay open to learning and trying new strategies. I will take care of the rest! 


I am a personal trainer and consider myself to have quite a sound knowledge base, however, I still learned so much from Roy “

Online coaching IS for you if…


You want to make progress and get serious results.


You want to learn and apply up to date methods for long-term results.


You are committed & willing to put in the agreed work for your goals.  


You are committed & willing to put in the agreed work for your goals.  

Online coaching is NOT for you if…


You’re looking for a ‘quick fix’.


You’re looking for a cookie cutter meal plan.


You’re not open to suggestion & changes to your lifestyle that would beneift you.


You’re not serious about progress and results.


You’re not willing to communicate and do regular check-ins.


You’re here for a reason.

Extensive experience — There is a huge difference between knowledge and the experience to know what to do with it. I have coached clients from all ranges:

  • Never lifting weights to competing in powerlifting.
  • 100 mile endurance events.
  • PCOS sufferers to losing over 20kg.
  • With extreme body-image issues.
  • Years-long yo-yo dieters.
  • Competing in bikini shows.
  • CEOs with time constraints and living out of hotels.
  • Stay at home mums with no energy.
  • People getting nowhere in the gym with building strength & muscle
  • Struggling to move with back issues to squatting their own bodyweight.


Proven track record — I have over 100+ client result photos and testimonials here on the site, on Facebook, and on Instagram.


Evidence-based, respected – Being an Qualified Nutritionist, travelled thousands of miles–as far as Los Angeles–to educate myself, host seminars, write for well known sites, writing for personal trainer education publications, and I walk the walk with competing in various competitions and events, so I can assure you are getting high-level coaching.


I can afford to be honest — I attract more coaching applicants than I have time to work with (between 1-2-1 coaching & my 8 Weeks to Lean program), so I can afford to tell you honestly if I feel I can help you, or refer you to someone that I feel would be more suitable.

Roy is the perfect coach if you value good, honest advice and are willing to put in the hard work to get results. Thank you Roy, you have quite literally changed my life “



No cookite cutter plans around here.  Everything is build from the group up, based on your goals, preferences, health, injury history, time limitations, and gym equipment.  On top of that, it can be adjusted any time based on whether you travel for work, have a busy week, or any other reason.  It’s designed spefically for you.


As a nutritionist it’s important to ensure that the guidelines created take into account flexibility, your lifestyle, dietary preferences (low-card, vegan, high-protein), clinical issues such as PCOS, diabetes, IBS etc.  Alongside this you will get supplement recommendations, yeah, the ones that work, that is.


Every week (Monday) I go over your check-ins and progress and provide feedback on video, answering any questions, making any changes, and highlighting key points that you may have missed.


Each month we will have a video call to go over your progress, plan for the weeks ahead, chat about what shows we’re watching at the moment, and generally ensure that you’re on track.


No more frustration and anxiety over what to do, or not to do.  The purpose of coaching is to ensure that you get the results you want and need and can sustain them.  The key parts of this is your own education, which you will get as you go along; being given tools and show how to use them so that you can spot BS a mile off.


Alongside your check-ins and monthly call you also get 100% access to me.  If you’re heading out that weekend and feeling unsure on what to do to ensure progress then let me know and i’ll suggest a methods suitable.  

At a new gym and they don’t have the equipment for your training plan?  I’ll suggest an alternative so that you can get on with your workout.


” I’ve been on nights out, eaten big dirty burgers and knocked back a few chocolate eggs along the way. Roy educates on how these things can be planned for and built into your plan. “


Why do we need to have a consultation?

To make sure that we’re compatible and get along.  

It is also to find out if online coaching really is for you–as some people may benefit more from in-person coaching due to training & exercise issues that cannot be addressed online.


After the consult, there is no pressure or obligation to sign up. It just makes things easier so that the coaching experience is going to be the right one for both parties.

What do I need for the consultation?

I will send you an application form for some key information.  Other than that, just a working phone or laptop so that we can chat.

The chat itself will be a maximum of 30 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about time limitations.

What if I am managing my own training or nutrition?

If you’re managing your own training, then nutrition coaching will be for you.

If you’re managing your own nutrition, then training coaching will be for you.



Can I buy a meal plan?

Not here i’m afraid.  

Meal plans are often sold to people as coaching–but isn’t.  The reason for this is because coaching is actually developing your nutrition around YOU.  Your lifestyle, preferences, goals, limitations etc.  A meal plan removes all of this and will leave you back to square one in the long-term as you haven’t actually learned anything about nutrition.


How does the whole progress work?

This part is simple:

1) Click ‘apply’ and submit the application form.
2) I contact you to arrange consultation date and time.
3) We chat in the consultation.

4) I send you your welcome email.

5) you make the payment and send over the relevant into that I need.

6) I create your client profile, with your training, nutrition, and nutrition report.

7) I email you your client profile details, video overview to cover everything, and your nutrition report.

8) We get started!


What do you expect from your clients?

First, and this part is very important.  Communication!


  •  Weekly check-ins
  • Update all the required metric within your profile that will ensure progression (training, measurements, photos, stress levels, energy, sleep etc)
  •  As me anything.  I really mean that.  No question is a stupid question, and it’s like I mentioned above–I aim to give you the tools so that you ask fewer questions as we go on.


How long do I need to sign up for?

A minimum of 3 months.  This is to ensure that your habits, behaviours, and the methods that we are using build your foundation to see real results that stick.  The other reason is that it deters people who aren’t serious about coaching and only want a 4 week accelerator transformation booster type thing.


    Can I switch between packages?

    Absolutely.  The coaching experience is 100% yours.

    What can sometimes happen is if you go with nutrition coaching but then eventually want to add in training, so then switch to full coahcing.

    “I have to give all my praise. He gives incredibly informative descriptions and examples.  Shares a full wealth of ever growing knowledge with his clients. I have the most confidence I’ve ever had about food choices, calorie control and working out.

    Easily one of the best coaches in the UK.”






     For those who want optimise their nutrition, feel great, look great, and reach their physichal goals. All without removing the foods you enjoy.

    What’s Included?

    • Tailored Nutrition Plan
    •  24 Hour Support
    •  Weekly Check-ins
    • Monthly Video Check-ins
    •  Supplement Guidance
    • Client Community Group
    •  Education & Guidance
    • Live Changes (if needed)


    per month



     The most comprehensive package designed to bring out the very best in your training, nutrition,and mindset.

    What’s Included?

    • Custom Training Plan
    • Tailored Nutrition Plan
    • Video Exercise Critique
    • 24 Hour Support
    •  Weekly Check-ins
    • Monthly Video Check-ins
    •  Supplement Guidance
    • Client Community Group
    • Education & Guidance
    • Live Changes (if needed)


      per month


       For those who want to get the absolute best out of their training, accelerate strength & muscle, and improve performance.

      What’s Included?


      • Custom Training Plan
      • Video Exercise Critique
      • 24 Hour Support
      • Weekly Check-ins
      • Monthly Video Check-ins
      • Client Community Group
      • Education & Guidance
      • Live Changes (if needed)


      per month


      “His knowledge and guidance make it so easy for you to understand weight loss and to feel in control of your week. His training plans are tailored to you and he listens to what you want from them. I’ve felt so much stronger and leaner than I ever have before without ever feeling restricted or unhappy about food.”

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