RX2 Fitness Terms & Conditions

75t1) A minimum 3 month commitment from the date of sign up:

The reasoning for this is to ensure the best possible results within this timeframe. It is extremely difficult to be able to educate you, guide, and provide accountability that it required in less than this time.

Upon signing up, you have agreed to the 3-month minimum policy. After this, if you wish to stay on with RX2 Fitness coaching then this will be discussed and resumed. If not, then we shall have an exit chat to ensure that you are in the place you want to be to move on. 

2) 30 day cancellation period:

Please notify me via the coaching app of your intention to leave the coaching service in advance. 30 days as stated.

3) To pay invoices within 30 days of payments due:

At RX2 Fitness I currently use the payment service Stripe. This services will handle ALL payments and payment details. I understand that there can be unexpected evens that may occur in finances so there is a leniency. If this is the case then please contact me before so that I am aware.

4) All information provided by yourself to be true and agreed by signing up with RX2 Fitness and submitting a PAR-Q form.

5) All information and documentation that is shared by RX2 Fitness is to be kept to yourself. Under absolutely no circumstances should this information be shared with anyone other than yourself. RX2 Fitness follows these exact procedures and more which can be viewed in our Privacy Policy.

6) All information and documentation that is created and shared by RX2 Fitness must not be copied, plagiarised, or sold. Doing this is theft and therefore will be breaking the law.

7) You must agree to utilise the coaching services fully. This includes communication as agreed in the RX2 Fitness Coach/Client Expectations. Providing the necessary information and following the correct procedures to aid your coach in being able to help you throughout.

If you have not done so then please take the time to read BOTH the RX2 Fitness Privacy Policy and the Charter of Expectations. These are designed to ensure that you understand and get the absolute best service from RX2 Fitness.

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